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LA Rockstar inspired Senior Session, Shania c/o 2015

  Shania is what I like to call a rocker girl.. its not because she actually plays music (she does) but its because shes been to every concert for every cool band and already, at 17, has concert stories. I didn't have concert stories until I was in my 20's thank you very much, which just proves how much cooler Shania is then I am! She's way into music and is just a little bit anti anything that is super…

Anti Mall Costa Mesa Senior Shoot, Christiana c/o 2015

  Christiana is organized and hard working, and bonus, she's gorgeous, all of which one sees every time she performs or even practices for her favorite life consuming high school activity: color guard. And I do mean life consuming. For guard girls, home is just a bed, and school is home. Christiana has been doing "guard" for over 5 years, starting in Jr. High School, and is now captain. She works hard and is extremely focused, and it is so…

Crystal Cove Senior Portraits, Hailey c/o 2015

  Hailey is easily one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever see in real life.. and the best part is that she has no idea. It's easy to see where she gets it, mom was a Disney princess and a beauty herself, and Hailey is certainly on her way to follow in moms footsteps (if she wanted to!). Not only is Hailey stunning, she's an absolute sweetheart of a girl. So sincerely kind and genuine to everyone she encounters,…

Yorba Linda Regional Park Senior Shoot, Kriti c/o 2015

  Kriti is a dancer, a fantastic dancer actually and such a beauty! She specializes in Bharatnatyam, a traditional Indian dance form, and I can say from experience that watching her dance is like watching SYTYCD, origins of bollywood edition, only more pro because she kills it more then any bollywood dancer I've seen on that show and Bharatnatyam is so much more technical! Her style is insanely beautiful and fun and so so impressive! She's quite the rock star!…

Orange Circle Senior Portraits, Mia c/o 2015

  I love Mia. I mean it. I love her. She's 17 going on 35, mature, easy going, no fuss, super creative, and has such sensational features! I mean lips people, and that flawless skin! I've known Mia for 2 years now, being her Photo teacher, and then AP photo teacher and she was even my TA last year. She's seriously one of the best people, and just so so chill and easy to be around. Mia also has a…

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