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Gorgeous Mama... Corona Del Mar Shoot

Can anyone believe that I’ve never done a real photoshoot of my mom? I was thinking about it weeks ago and realized to my surprise that I’ve never actually done one of her and what a shame that is! Oh course this needed to be remedied. I pulled out my iphone calendar a day or so later, and marked a day in my planner, then called my friend Bree over at the Grand for styling. Mom was gonna get it,…

FLY Model Nomination Party 2015

What a fun fun fun night… Every year my current Model Cast is invited to pass the torch to the next group of potential models. In years previous this has been done over the course of two different events; one for the current cast and one for the upcoming new models. This year however, I decided that we should have one, big, awesome event where all models, current and new, could have fun together and enjoy each other whilst passing…

Lincoln City, Oregon

Growing up my papa was one of my very favorite people. He was always jolly and happy to see me anytime my mom would bring us to our grandparents for a visit, which was often. My papa was the dad person in my life. When I was little he’d take us fishing, drive my brother and I to school, and get us to steal sugary snacks for him from the kitchen (he was diabetic, lol). Later in high school, he…

El Moro Canyon & Crystal Cove Senior Shoot, Corinne c/o 2015

  Hello GORGEOUS! Isn't Corinne just stunning?! I'm pretty sure there is something in the water over at Dance Precisions.. So yes, Corinne is a dancer. In fact, pretty much all of her siblings are dancers as well! Last year I was fortunate enough to meet her older sister, Lauren (see her shoot here) and to be introduced to Corinne's family. I was SO excited this year to learn that Corinne would be a FLY model and that I got…

Brea Senior Shoot, Annie c/o 2015

  I got to photograph the president! That's right, Annie is the Senior class president of her school and SUCH a fabulous woman for the job. I fell in love with Annie when she fell in love with my puppy. A total dog, well, animal person, Annie is just such a sweet, kind, and funny person. She's very likeable, which totally explains her presidential label and just everyone loves her! Adorable, cute, spunky, smart, compassionate, kind, Annie has it all…

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Jessica Spinella has been capturing the world in photographs for over a decade. She has a great passion and talent for identifying and freeing the incredible beauty in her clients and showing them how to be free and comfortable in their own skin, especially in front of the camera.

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