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Julia, Class of 2012

Oh Julia. Cute as a button. Seriously, I love this girl, what a sweetheart. For our shoot, Julia mentioned wanting to do something sort of soft and nature inspired, so what better place to take this adorable bundle, then to the Fullerton Arboretum. I knew we would have all sorts of gorgeousness that would compliment this fantastic young woman. We started our shoot early (well, early in summer, it was actually only nine), and as Julia pulled up to the…

Jessica, Class of 2012

Oh Jess.. so fun. I’ve actually photographed Jessica before, at the end of her sophomore year when she participated in my first trash the formal photo-shoot {check it out here}. She rocked it then and she rocked it again in these photographs. Jessica is one of those girls. You know what I mean; the kind that have it all: athletic, beautiful, great style, down to earth, goofy, hysterical, and just so much fun to be around. I’m pretty sure Jess…

Lita, Class of 2012

  There is simply no denying that Lita is one of the most stunningly beautiful girls I have ever seen. And amazingly, she is also incredibly sweet and shockingly shy. A song leader, she has mad dance skills (even though she has only been dancing for 5 years), a gorgeous extension, and beautiful lines. You would never know that this Placentia Senior is also a dirt bike racing, wakeboard riding, Ford F150 driving, rough and tumble type of girl. Umm……

Jessica, Class of 2012

Jessica is sooooo a future Laker Girl. Seriously, I love how she can throw down and yet still look glamorous. For our shoot, Jessica started with a visit to our amazing make-up and hair stylist, Bree, over at the Grand in Brea, and from there we were off to our awesome uptown Whittier destinations. This girl has style, and modeling experience (which is so evident!), and can walk in heels, and can ball it up. She’s one of those girls…

Meet Jess

Jessica Spinella has been capturing the world in photographs for over a decade. She has a great passion and talent for identifying and freeing the incredible beauty in her clients and showing them how to be free and comfortable in their own skin, especially in front of the camera.

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