Jessica, Class of 2012

Oh Jess.. so fun. I’ve actually photographed Jessica before, at the end of her sophomore year when she participated in my first trash the formal photo-shoot {check it out here}. She rocked it then and she rocked it again in these photographs. Jessica is one of those girls. You know what I mean; the kind that have it all: athletic, beautiful, great style, down to earth, goofy, hysterical, and just so much fun to be around. I’m pretty sure Jess has watched Americas Next Top Model about a hundred times in preparation for our shoot- that or she’s just a natural. I think it’s the later though.

After I picked Jess up from Bree’s and told her where we would be going for our shoot, I could tell she was pumped. It was crazy, there was this awesome energy abounding. Jess looked sensational. I mean, really really fabulous! Even Bree, my incredibly stylist  commented the next day about how incredible Jess looked. Unreal. Major shout out to Bree for Jess’s hair and makeup! Fantastic job!

So, for those of you who read this and know Jess, you know that she is sort of a fan.. or maybe is obsessed… with cows. I know it seems weird. Cows.  But if you ever had anything like this growing up, you’ll understand. It starts as a silly little- “oh, cows {or insert such item here, for me it was sunflowers} are so cute”. And then your mom hears you and she begins buying you sunflower stuff-err.. cow stuff. Then grandma gets on the bandwagon, and before you know it, everyone around you associates you with cows and you end up with cow carseat covers, a cow set of dishes, cow wallpaper, and a cow throw rug. Lol.  Jess has the hugest collection of anyone I am told. So… of course, since this is something that has been discussed at length, I HAD to photograph Jessica with a cow. Now as I began to think about the logistics of placing a 110lb girl next to a 850lb cow, I became a little concerned. I mean, I’m all for a little bit of risk, but that just seemed a little wrong. So, I consulted my BFF who knows everything, and she reminded me about the OC Fair. Perfection… seriously. Perfection. Jessica is probably the only Senior I know who could be completely uninhibited in front of a gazillion fair goers and still rock out gorgeous, natural, and silly poses… in front of cows. That’s right. I was so proud.

As the sun started to leave us and the clouds were rolling in {perfect light, whoot!}, I wanted to show a little of Jess’s more editorial side and play around with her softball bat. Jess is part of a traveling team, and has been throughout high school. She’s kind of a stud actually. So we went after some gritty backgrounds and played around a bit. How gorgeous does she look in these! Sheesh this girl can work it!

JBerz, my love, what a fun fun fun day! Thank you big time for letting that cow slobber on you, for chillaxing with a pitchfork, and for just being such a cool girl! Every blessing this next year- Senior year! Y will totally rock it girl!!! Blessings!

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Jessica Spinella has been capturing the world in photographs for over a decade. She has a great passion and talent for identifying and freeing the incredible beauty in her clients and showing them how to be free and comfortable in their own skin, especially in front of the camera.

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