Julia, Class of 2012

Oh Julia. Cute as a button. Seriously, I love this girl, what a sweetheart. For our shoot, Julia mentioned wanting to do something sort of soft and nature inspired, so what better place to take this adorable bundle, then to the Fullerton Arboretum. I knew we would have all sorts of gorgeousness that would compliment this fantastic young woman.

We started our shoot early (well, early in summer, it was actually only nine), and as Julia pulled up to the front of the garden, hair all curled and a little bit nervous, I was super excited. I knew I could give her some awesome images, and I was really excited to show her just how incredibly gorgeous she is!

The Arboretum proved to be a score of a location, and we had such a lovely morning together. There were cute little ducks waddling around and butterflies… how weird is it that Julia is afraid of butterflies?!? I’m sorry but that’s just a little weird, no? Spiders? Spiders, I get, but butterflies? Really? It was funny- apparently they chase her and that freaks her out, so when we saw this beautiful yellow one flying in the area, I kid you not, she ducked and ran.. as I laughed hysterically. I just want to put her in my pocket she’s so darn cute!

Julia is full of curiosity and a little bit fearless. She was totally willing to climb trees (a no no at the arboretum, we very quickly discovered.. but hey, it was worth a try), or balance in those awesome heeled boots in obscure places. She even climbed up on the overhang for some fun glowy poses. I just loved the bokeh happening in my lens, so we had a fun time experimenting. When we came to the orange groves that are part of the garden, we found ourselves surrounded by the fantastic smell of ripe naval oranges, and of course helped ourselves to one. Dripping with sweet orange juice, Julia didn’t complain one bit, instead she licked her fingers and moved right along. I love this girl.

Once we had exhausted a few fun spots at the Arboretum, I wanted to head out to an overlook in north Brea. We found these awesome poles that were stacked next to one of the gigantic oil rigs nearby, and had a bit of fun playing around. Such a fun fun day. And how fantastic is that color on her! I loved that pink blouse, such a gorgeous choice!

Julia, your Senior year is here, and girl, with such a positive and lovely spirit about you, I have no doubt that you will have a fantastic year. I’m so excited for you to graduate! Every blessing!

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