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Balboa Island, Newport Beach Senior: Angelica, co. 2013

Last year I taught a zero period. I know, I’m crazy, but I did. In that class is where I met a cute little button of a personality and a truly stunningly gorgeous freckle faced Eva Mendez meets Selena Gomez lookalike.. Angelica. A few months into her Junior year, Angelica began looking for an internship that would meet some of her graduation requirements, and she approached me about interning with FLY. Of course I said yes, as this cool girl…

Meet Bree: the cutest stylist ever..

Around this time last year, I was introduced to one of the coolest most fun people ever, my stylist over at the Grand Salon in Brea. Her name is Bree, and she’s cute as a button, and fiercely good at what she does. A good stylist is hard to find. A fantastic one with a great personality and fun easy going way, is near impossible. BUT, lucky me, I’ve found one! Bree does both hair and makeup (I know, so…

Fashion Blogs and Photoshoots.. oh my…

Hello. I’m Jess, and I am into fashion. Not in an addicted sort of way.. anymore (I’ve overcome! Sort of…), but I certainly care about fashion, and what I put on my body. I’m an artist! Walking through Anthropologie, or Nordstrom, or more often these days the Rack, I create outfits and looks in my mind and think about color, and fit and the normal,“will this make me look fat” question we ladies tend to ask ourselves every time we…

Simran, sweet 15… TODAY!

Not quite a Senior, Simran couldn’t wait to have her photos done for 3 more years, and so, for her fifteenth birthday her mother agreed to make it happen. How sweet and completely special! I picked Simran up from Bree, looking gorgeous. Fifteen TODAY, Simran is a sophomore at Diamond Bar High School, and a real sweetheart. We had so much fun on our shoot day in Pomona.. discovering cool walls, and messing with poses. I got to learn about…

Meet Jess

Jessica Spinella has been capturing the world in photographs for over a decade. She has a great passion and talent for identifying and freeing the incredible beauty in her clients and showing them how to be free and comfortable in their own skin, especially in front of the camera.

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