Megan, Class of 2012

Megan is a classic. That’s my definition for her. A classic beauty, and a classy woman. The Megan I know is the goofy, silly, funny girl you see in some of these, and yet in many of these images I was blown away by her confidence and strength and ridiculous beauty. Classic. {And by the way- her eyes are actually thatblue.. that’s not photoshop my friends- I know- unreal, right!?!}

After a visit to Bree, Megan, her mom, and I met up in downtown Fullerton and went exploring. Megan had asked for a more urban, industrial and gritty style shoot (my favorite!). Having photographed in DTF quite a few times, my goal was to have a little adventure and find something that felt uniquely her. A photographer herself, I loved stopping in places that we both oohed and awed over! Such fun!

For our second location, I had done a little recon before our afternoon, and found this old abandoned building with all this dirty, rusty, black and white textures that backed right up to the Fullerton train tracks. We had a ball here. Megan is a color-guard girl. I really wanted to feature her skill and say something about the endless practice and competition she has participated in for the past several years {since 8th grade!}. She and her team will be headed to the world championship this year- I’m not joking- WORLD! Crazy I know. It’s pretty exciting that this is happening for her Senior year… so of course her medals, and all the wins in between that got her to world,  had to make the shoot…

Megan is one of those girls who is simply lovely. She has this natural grace that many young woman lack today (I’m one of them, I trip over myself often), seriously she’s such a classic. I was amazed at how she simply moved, and would glance into the light for me. It was a perfect way to end our afternoon- up in the hills in Fullerton- with that gorgeous golden light hitting us as we chatted about the future and what her Senior year would bring.

Darling Megan, thank you for an absolutely lovely day. I know you are going to be amazing at whatever you choose to do. Be blessed this year!!

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