Makaela c/o 2017 El Moro Canyon Senior Session

IMG_1764Makaela is one of those awesome girls who just doesn't care at all what other people think. She does her own thing and likes it, without a care in the world about how she is perceived. I LOVE how free she is in that, and what a mature attitude for someone of 17 years. A cheerleader, flyer specifically, Makaela is just this ity-bity thing, and as you can see.. gorgeous! She's easy going, fun and totally playful, which was SO fun in our shoot. Makaela found FLY through a neighbor (and great friends) who was a FLY model several years ago, Paige c/o 2013 (check out her shoot here!). Ever since Makaela's mama Kelli saw Paige's shoot, she's been planning and plotting Makaela's. I love this mama heart, and BONUS: how cool is it that she's remembered FLY after all these years! So flattering! Anyway, Makaela's shoot took place in one of my all time favorite locations, El Moro Canyon and then later down at the awesome rock walk of Crystal Cove. It was a gorgeous day in the middle of the super bloom and I have NEVER seen that area look more incredible then it did on our shoot day. Fields and fields of wild yellow daisies. IT. WAS. EPIC. Congrats Makaela as you graduate and thank you for letting me in and trusting me with such an awesome time in your life!

Enjoy friends,



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