Kaylee c/o 2017 Newport Beach Senior Shoot

IMG_9253Kaylee Kaylee dancer Kaylee. She's from the south people, Alabama to be exact, and she sounds exactly like what you think. Kaylee is actually one of the only Seniors I met for the first time at her shoot. Her mom and dad actually just moved out to the OC area a few months ago for a job, and Kaylee stayed behind to finish high school. So Jaquie (mom) and I met to discuss Kaylee's shoot and get to know one another and man how fun this family is. I LOVE those southern accents, and found myself saying hey yall (Grandma Penny from Georgia style) by the end of our shoot time, haha. Kaylee loves hip hop dancing and all things "LA" but still tidy and clean and manicured, so basically Orange County. For her shoot we started at the awesome newly painted (they do this awesomely every year or so) Hobie Surf Shop off of PCH in Corona Del Mar. This awesome black and white wall lended itself so beautifully to Kaylee's awesome fur vest and wide brim black hat. I loved love loved this look, and so did she. The rest of our shoot was spent wandering around Newport beach, eventually ending up in Corona Del Mar, my absolute favorite beach! Kaylee was a trooper in spite of her hatred for fake eyelashes (I still maintain it was TOTALLY worth it girl!)... Every happiness Kaylee, as you graduate and move out to the OC!

Enjoy friends,


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