FLY Photography Model Team featured in the Roadkill Ranch Boutique “California Fall” Lookbook!!!

Several months ago I had this crazy idea. What would it look like to use my model team in a real world modeling environment and give them a real modeling experience? I thoguht it was a brilliant idea so I set to work looking for the perfect boutique to collaborate with and settled on Roadkill Ranch in downtown Fullerton as my first choice. I’ve been a Roadkill customer for the past several years, stopping in every month to grab a new collection of unique letterpress cards or fun and exciting new accessories. I LOVE this little shop with such an eclectic, hip feel, who couldn’t?! So, I went into the shop a couple of times to gather info, and finally one day got up enough courage, as the fabulous owner Julie was ringing up my cards, to ask her about this idea I had.

Now hindsight, I should have approached this a different way. I should have woo’d her, or taken her out to coffee, or at the very minimum NOT have sprung this idea onto her without a speech prepared, but I’d been in the shop 3 or 4 times hoping to run into her and strike up a conversation and I just couldn’t let the moment slip me by. So I took my chance… I spoke with Julie about using my models for a lookbook for her shop. At first she was a little ambivalent, courtesy and kind, but weary. You see, fabulous boutiques such as Roadkill are approached so often by photographers wanting to use their shop for this or that. Many photographers have, unfortunately, given this type of collaboration a bad wrap by mistreating their partner shop. It makes me really sad, so I completely understood her hesitance. After we spoke a little bit longer though, somehow she sweetly gave in. It must have been my puppy dog please please please eyes! No matter, we decided to try my idea and work together. To say I was thrilled is an understatement!

A few months passed by, my model team was decided and planning was in progress. To plan something this intense takes a lot of work. First, everyone has to sign model releases, then the girls had to head into the shop for fittings, photos had to be taken of outfits and be sent to the hair and makeup team (yes, team!), and then the shoot times had to be chosen and everyone had to be scheduled in a two-day time period. It was a ton of work… and then came shoot days.

I set up a little refreshment station at the Grand Salon in Brea where my model team was having their hair and makeup looks created my my brilliant stylist Bree and her team of awesomeness. I set out cookies, strawberries and flavored waters and the girls relaxed and were treated to the full model experience. I’d told them up front that they didn’t get to pick their makeup and hair styles, that Bree and I were doing that based on their outfits at the boutique and I can’t say how amazing my model team was for not being fussy! Every single one of the girls went in to the salon and had their hair & makeup done without any complaints like true model pros! SO impressive! After styling, the girls arrived at the boutique in 20 minutes waves, and we wandered around downtown Fullerton with each model and photographed her awesome look! It was a blast. Truly, SUCH a fun time. And, I can’t say enough about how amazing my team is, every single girl was on time, and our schedule was beautiful, never rushed, just perfect. I’m like a proud mama bear!

After two days of shooting, I had over 5500 images to sort through, and that was when the real work began! Choosing one photo of each model was SO difficult, so I didn’t most of the time, unless it was perfect. After choosing then editing, I created a super fun iPhone Ap of the girls. If you want the ap for your smartphone, follow the directs at the bottom of this post. Then I designed the lookbook. It’s pretty fantastic. I absolutely LOVE these girls and these images! The styling was so pro, and the outfits were absolutely one of a kind rockabilly fabulous! Seriously Roadkill has the best inventory of unique awesome hip attire and accessories!

I must give a HUGE thank you to Julie at Roadkill Ranch for allowing us to use absolutely anything in the shop and for her willingness to take a chance and partner with us! Also a major thank you to Bree and her styling team at the Grand. I love you, we couldn’t have been as fabulous without you and your team! And of course to my fabulous intern Katy, for her consistent and happy presence at the shoots.. and finally to my husband for his patience, help, and video skills at our shoot!

Enjoy everyone!!! Click the front page below to see the whole Magazine!!

To download the Smartphone Ap:

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By Jess Spinella

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