Eden, Class of 2012

Ok, so I know that I say that I love people a lot, and I do, its true, but I mean, I really really mean it with Eden. Not that I don’t mean it with others, its just that I love her. I want to put her in my pocket, she’s just so darn cute. And ridiculously beautiful too, I know, its totally unfair. And.. now here’s the kicker. She’s a total sweetheart; good girl to a tee, she’s just such a good person and a fantastic young woman with an incredibly beautiful heart. Trifecta? I think yes.

For our shoot, I wanted to do something fun and unique and simply Eden {which should be her brand if she ever has a business}. So we started out at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach, one of my all time favorite places. We wandered through the garden and played around and chatted. I felt much like the older sister, which must have been a little fun for Eden since she is the oldest of like 5 siblings (4??)… we chatted girl talk and future stuff and life. So fun.

Because being gorgeous, and cute, and fun and sweet etc. etc. isn’t enough… Eden is also very athletic evidenced by her participating on the VHS swim team and cross country and track teams. She is pretty much always doing something active. Mom is a marathon runner, so its easy to see where Eden gets it. She’s like a little mighty might. I love it. And healthy! I don’t know any other teen who considers what she puts in her body as much as this gorgeous girl… and man does it pay off. So I wanted to take her somewhere that felt both athletic and cool. Hobby Surf Shop in Corona Del Mar was perfect.

Eden has this incredible charm to her that I adore. It’s like one minute she’s bubbling over and happy and funny and goofy an doesn’t take herself super seriously, and then a minute later, she looks off into the distance and shows her deep, beautiful, soft glamorous side. I love that Eden is soft and kind and loving. Not your typical teen beauty; such an incredible person. We ended our shoot down at the beach.. because, hey, why not, we were right there. Climbing onto the jetty, we explored, as other people saw my equipment and looked on a bit worried. It was so awesome; we got so many gorgeous photographs.

Eden, thank you so much for such an incredible shoot. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph you and get to know you even better. What a fun fun time. I will value it for a long time my dear!! Every blessing for your Senior year!!!

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