Daisy, c/o 2016: Oak Canyon Nature Center

IMG_6412Holy gorgeous batman! Daisy is insane.. insanely beautiful I mean, and SO fun to photograph! Daisy brought one of the coolest looks I've seen this year with a little black gypsy romper and funky headband! Her shoot was So much fun! Daisy actually chose her location herself, as Oak Canyon Nature Center is a spot she frequents for hikes and such. It was GORGEOUS, and the light was beautiful! I'm so excited about how her shoot turned out! BIG thanks to Bree for incredibly beautiful styling, and Daisy, best of luck as you graduate!!!IMG_6383IMG_6379IMG_6450IMG_6484IMG_6560IMG_6568IMG_6619IMG_6651IMG_6657IMG_6696IMG_6702IMG_6713IMG_6763IMG_6792IMG_6810IMG_6814IMG_6693IMG_6875IMG_8016IMG_8449IMG_8463IMG_8471


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