Brittany, c/o 2016: El Moro Canyon Senior Session


IMG_6335Brittany is probably one of the most together Seniors I've ever met. She's basically 18 going on 30. One of the smartest and most competent of all the girls I've photographed, Brittany is going somewhere, that's for sure. And what's super fun about her is that she's smart and driven and yet completely socially normal, lol. She's funny and super involved in her school, into fashion and style, and having fun. You'd never know she's taking 7 classes in her Senior year and that half of them are AP courses. Insane! For her shoot, we wanted to reference her sister Kirsten's shoot from a few years ago (see it here), but still have our own spin on it. El Moro Canyon with its incredible hiking paths and cool under street access to the beach was ideal! We had such a great time shooting and one look after another was right out of Brandy Melville.. such fun! Big thanks to Bree for amazing styling for this beauty!!! I can't wait to hear which Ivy League you end up at Brittany, best of luck!!!IMG_6329IMG_6234IMG_6217IMG_6200IMG_6199IMG_6129IMG_6109IMG_6084IMG_6080IMG_6071IMG_6021IMG_5931IMG_6012IMG_5999IMG_5981IMG_5979IMG_5968IMG_5960IMG_5957IMG_5941IMG_8504IMG_8939IMG_2891IMG_2940

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