Bri, Class of 2012

If I had to choose one word for Bri, it would absolutely and undoubtedly be “edgy”. I mean, red lips? So cool. When I met Bri and we first started discussing doing a Senior shoot together, the first thing I noticed was her super cool hair. I love the blond streak in the front. She was wearing this super cute black and white printed dress, and after chatting for a bit, I knew she would be a really fun girl to photograph. So, when I picked her up from The Grandin Brea, and my stylist Bree told me with a slightly uncertain voice that Bri had asked for red lips, I was like- yup, that’s my girl! Such a cool edgy and yet totally gorgeous girl. I love it.

For Bri, we had to head to Uptown Whittier. I’ve shot there a few times, but it was exactly what I wanted for this shoot. I needed cool, and edgy, and city pretty but still colorful. We took it to the streets, and Bri rocked out this cool retro red tight fitting dress, and it was on! This girl is gorgeous, no doubt, but she’s spirited and funky and silly and FUN. We had such a great time, Bri would just bust out all sorts of moves, and was then eager to head to the next spot, as I was like- wait, wait.. the light! Haha… It was awesome, we really did have such a great time together. Ok and bonus.. Bri’s mom brought snacks! Win! {She also acted as my protector for when cars came and I was standing in the middle of the street for some of these! Very nice!}.

Bri is a Senior at Diamond Bar High School and a self-taught Ukulele player. How cool is that! Apparently everyone is self-taught by the way. And how cool did her instrument photograph alongside her adorable jean vest ensemble. I loved this outfit for Bri- so edgy and hip and cool, and her! Awesome! Bri is very musical, and very into music {a common interest} so we had a blast talking music as we played with these downtown scenes.

For our last outfit, Bri softened things up and played it a little more traditional- to show her sweet side of course! Bri is a swimmer at DBHS, and I love that she brought her cool gold swim cap and reflection goggles to our shoot. {She also brought her teddy bear- adorable, told you she has a soft side!}.  As sunset approached, we found ourselves on the roof of a super modern building, and were able to get some of these gorgeous golden shots. Bri looks absolutely amazing in these, I seriously wooted while editing!!

Lovely edgy and fun girl- thank you so so much for such a funky and fun photo shoot. You were a total blast to photograph and Bri, I just wish you all the best this year!! Hugs and blessings!

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