Newport Beach Senior: Clara, c/o 2014

Clara. Oh Clara! I love this girl. Clara has wanted to be a part of the FLY model team for at least a year, maybe more. It shows, she LOVES to model. A true fashionista, she’s absolutely the perfect FLY model! I was SO excited when Clara joined the model team, and have been really looking forward to starting off my 2014 season with her! The first of 28 Seniors this summer, Clara wanted flowers. Flower flowers everywhere… and the beach! Of course, right? Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeousness?! So, for this shoot, post absolutely fabulous styling with Bree at the Grand, we headed down to one of my absolute favorite places Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach. I love shooting in this nursery. It’s probably the most beautiful garden nursery in SoCal; truly beautiful. I love that the staff is so warm and cool with me taking photos! So kind! And RARE! Clara and I wandered around and discovered the garden and chatted about life, and boys, and fashion. Then after we had completely exhausted the location, we headed down to Inspiration Point in Newport Beach and played in the water. With the summer heat reaching 89 at the beach, we were really ready to play in the ocean… What a lovely day with a lovely FLY Senior!

So much more to come from this shoot with this gorgeous senior! Stay Tuned!

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