Laura, Class of 2012

Oh this freckly adorable and yet strikingly beautiful girl! Laura is darling. Her laugh is cute, her freckles are cute, the way she squinches her nose- adorable…. And yet ummm…. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!!! She’s got it all!

After a morning visit to the ridiculously fantastic styling of my girl Bree at the Grand in Brea, we were off on our adventure. Bree created in Laura’s hair, this awesome twist across the back and curled her long gorgeous locks, then applied purple eye makeup that brought out her hazel green eyes. It was perfection, and I could tell Laura felt gorgeous.. and rightfully so! Seriously, I could easily have posted well over 100 photos from this shoot… it was so difficult to choose…

Laura reminds me of myself at 17. She works hard in school and does well, loves to play in Photoshop and create layouts, and has been an artist designer ever since she was little. In fact, and I think this is absolutely the coolest thing EVER, when she was young she designed (and I mean actually drew out) a twenty-story house, complete with slumber party floor. Awesome. {I think my mom still has graph paper with some of my fore-rays into architecture saved somewhere.} And now, as a Senior at Diamond Bar High School, Laura is a regular contributor to the school newspaper, the Bulls Eye. She loves page layout, and I honestly see graphic design in her future… we will see….

So, seeing as I had a designer in my midst, the perfect spot for Laura had to be a little bit gritty, a little bit modern, and a little bit edgy. Downtown Santa Ana was perfect. We parked next to third street, over near the art district, and went exploring. Laura definitely came through with regard to wardrobe. I mentioned layers, textures, and funky accessories, and what I found out was that Laura and her mom had quite a lot of fun together preparing for our day. Such great outfits, and I loved her funky black fidora!

Laura is also a huge soccer player, and when I asked her about it, she mentioned that she’s actually even more interested in coaching then she is in playing lately. Last year Laura coached a U6 team in her area, and this year is doing it again. When I asked if many kids her age did this, she told me she’s pretty much it. I was just imagining my city softball team when I was little- coached by parents. How fun for those little kids to have a super cool and gorgeous high school girl to look up to. Mentorship is a valuable thing, and it was really fun to hear Laura talk about her team. So, for our final location, I had to incorporate something that felt coach-like. A whistle suited perfectly.

Oh my cute little freckle faced girl, thank you so much for such a fun day, and for letting loose with me. So much fun. I wish you every blessing as you head into your last year of high school!!!

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